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Are you good at singing, dancing, acting, modeling or comedy? Whatever you can do as an entertainer,   we are here now to help. Show us how talented you are and you just might get that entertainment deal you need.

Quality jobs are few but very much available and the question is; do you have what it takes? We are here to filter the best from the crowd so prove to us how qualified you are and you just might get your dream job today.

Prove to us how creative or innovative you are and we will help you actualize that idea. We will simply offer you up to N10m in business funding deal and probably link you up with the right investor and mentor.

Are you ready to show us how skilled, creative, innovative or talented you are?




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    Answer few questions, post demo videos of your abilities. Show us your skills and talents. Do you think you are good at doing this and that? This is the time to prove it!

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    A talented musician would get a record deal. A skilled professional would get his/her dream job, and a creative enterpreneur would get up to N10m business funding.

The Good News

There's no limit on the number of candidates that can qualify for our N10m business funding deal, entertainment deal or getting their dream job. You are not here to compete with others. Rather, you should prove to us how qualified you are and you will get added to our approved list in no time.

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Featured Candidates

Overs Security  Ltd. is a tech start-up specializing in home and office security with the sole aim of creating quality tools capable of giving you, your establishments, and employees full privacy and safety.

Bigbaws proves here that he's indeed a talented rapper. Watch him throw his latest cool lines..

Roland pastport
Mr. Roland Wealthin with a top score of 96.12 has proven to be indeed a 2.1 graduate in Mechanical Engineering and is ready to start his promising career through the Quinage team and her partners.

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